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Sep 5, 2023

As the media portrays 2023's Burning Man as a hellscape, THE INTERSECTION at Burning Man revists the work of a group of Burners at the 2019 event. They felt that the overwhelmingly white community wasn't living up to its self-proclaimed principle of Radical Inclusion. Find out what has changed and what hasn't.

And, as you are bombarded with online click bait about 70,000 people being stranded in the desert, I encourage you to listen to the nine-episode season of THE INTERSECTION at Burning Man. You’ll hear the stories of an insanely creative, giving, conscious, and unconventional community. 


Go to THE INTERSECTION.FM to learn more about the series.

To learn more about Erin Douglas, founder of @blackburnerproject and the lead artist of Black! Asé, check out the project's website

For all things Favianna Rodriguez, head to Favianna's website.

The photo that accompanies this episode was taken by Erin Douglas. a.k.a. @aphotochick