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Sep 4, 2020

One of the principles guiding Burning Man is "Radical Inclusion." Basically, all are welcome. But, the temporary city that Burners build in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert has never been racially diverse. Just 1% of Black Rock City self-identifies as Black. In this episode of THE INTERSECTION at Burning Man, we explore why there's been a disconnect between racial and radical inclusion, and what some Burners, like Oakland Activist and Artist Favianna Rodriguez, are doing to change that.

This episode was edited by Lisa Morehouse. And engineered for your listening pleasure by Gabe Grabin with music from Erik Pearson and Blue Dot Sessions.

Special thanks to Jenee Darden, Jonathan Davis and Jessie Weiner. And of course to the folks at Que Viva and the Burning Man Project.


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